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Warranty & Returns

If the rod is your gift to Aunt Edith, she doesn't want it and it's never been used, return it within 30 days for 100% refund - you pay the return shipping costs.

Or give it to Uncle Clyde.

If the grip, reel seat, tip top, etc. fall off or if there's any other problem that is obviously the fault of my workmanship, return it for repairs within one year of receipt. I pay the shipping both ways.


Any damage that is your fault (sorry to be so pointed, but we'll both know), send some photos so the damage can be evaluated.

If it appears to be worth a repair, I'll quote a cost and expedite the turnaround time.

You'll pay the shipping on both ends

Watch those doors.

I can't afford to be Orvis and have their unconditional return policy, but I'm not sure their generous warranty applies to bamboo. That's their issue.

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