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Going into Business Sale

A "Standard" Rod

Standard means nothing too fancy. As an example, an obsidian reel seat would be too fancy. Writing The Gettysburg Address the length of the rod would be too fancy. We'll discuss on the "Fly Rods" submenu


Here's the arithmetic...

A two piece rod with no extra tip section - $600

with extra tip section - $900

A three piece rod with no extra tip section - $900

with extra tip section - $1200

Hex Rod Case


The price is not affected by size or variety of wood.

I've made two from cypress and I feel it's a little too soft.

I have two sizable planks now - red oak and ash - which should make about eight cases.

Butt, Mid or Tip Section without guides, tip top or wrappingsYour choice of taper.
Without ferrule - $200
With ferrule - $250
Rod Restoration
Butt Section - re-finishing, replacing reel seat, grip, ferrule and guides - $275
Mid or Tip Sections - replacing guides, ferrules and tip top - $250
Rod Repair
I'm not prepared to offer a price without knowing the damage, but...
The first one that comes this way I'll do for free for my
own edification.

Fishing Journal
Hard bound journal with soft leather spine and your choice of cloth or paper front/back cover.
Marbled paper is the default
You can provide a jpg file for a paper front/back and end sheets.
If you want a cloth front/back, pick the pattern and pay for it separately since the minimum purchase amount will be enough for several books.

This one is tough because who wants to spend $50 for a book with blank pages?
Let's say $30.

Shipping Costs

I'll find the best price for you.

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