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Rod/Blank Preferences Checklist

These preferences are for fresh water fishing only

Sorry, I don't make saltwater rods

Or spey rods

Rods & Blanks


   1 Section (Rods 6' and under)

   2 Sections

   3 Sections

Tip Quantity




Rod Length

   Note: Typically any rod over 8' will be 3 sections

   7' o" and under

   7' 3"

   7' 6"


Line Weight

   2 weight

   3 weight

   4 weight

   5 weight

   6 weight

   7 weight

   8 weight

   9 weight


Classic tapers have endured the test of time.

Some people might hate one and love another.

In any case, I would suggest going with one of these: 

   However, if you prefer a taper that's not on the list, please supply the "name"

   of the taper you desire with detailed specs.

   If you like, I can make a recommendation for a "classic" taper...

   Pick your prey:

      Bluegill and other sunfish

      Small stream brookies and such

      Big river trout

      Largemouth/smallmouth bass

      Striped bass



       aka blond or straw

   Flamed - mostly for aesthetics


       Light brown


       Chocolate/Coffee - can create a stiffer/faster action

       Mottled - sprinkled with water during flaming

Blanks Only

For the angler who wants to build her own rod by adding guides, grip, reel seat, signature thread wraps.

Blanks sold with ferrules attached will not be thread wrapped. 





Rods Only

Thread Color and Material

   I typically use silk, but will use nylon if requested.

   You can choose thread color from this site:

   Please provide color and SKU number

   Wraps often have a different color trim wrap

   Specify or, better yet, send a picture.

Cork Grips


   Full Wells

   Half Wells

   Reverse Half Wells



Grip Size




Guide Finish





Hook Keeper



Reel Seat

   Up Locking

   Down Locking

   Slide Band

Reel Seat Insert






Writing on the Rod

   Generally three or four lines on the hex flats

  • Whatever you want - your name, your dog's favorite toy, anything

  • Rod length, line weight, taper based on... (e.g. tbo Payne 100)

  • Date or something else

  • Grassland Fly Rods

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