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My World and Welcome to It.

---James Thurber

In one of John Gierach's collections of articles and essays, he's mulling over a possible move out of Colorado. He enjoyed fishing the clear streams of the Texas Hill Country for Guadalupe bass as well as the stock tanks, ponds and other still water for big bluegill and largemouths.

The essay is in one of my books, but I haven't been able to find it, so I'll quote him loosely:

"I've only been in Texas in April and I understand summers can be pretty grim."

What's a Texan?

39% of Texans were not born in Texas & Texas is a Majority Minority State

Far and away the vast majority of Texans will regard you as a Texan if you choose to identify yourself as such whether you were born in Michigan, Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Saskatoon or even Florida. Well, maybe Florida.

This is contrary to many stereotypes, those things that we tend to wallow in (not you, of course) rather than look at statistics and data.

You know, that thinky stuff.

Texas Fly Fishing

Speaking of Stereotypes (Huge Fly Fisherman)

Huge (Ben) has one thing right about a lot of Texans - we do go to Colorado to fish in the summer. I'm guilty.

Because Texas summers are HOT.

But string up your split bamboo, stay local and go...

...Where the Fish Are

Hill Country Stream

Possum Kingdom.jpg

Possum Kingdom Lake

sorta near Fort Worth

Texas Stock Tank

aka a "pond"

Laguna Madre.jpg

The Laguna Madre

120 Mile Stretch Between Padre Island and the Mainland

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