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Reel Recovery
from the website: Reel Recovery
"Reel Recovery was founded in 2003 by a group of avid fly-fishers, inspired by their fishing buddy’s ongoing battle with brain cancer. Witnessing first-hand the beneficial impact fly-fishing provided their friend, they created Reel Recovery to provide the same opportunity for other men battling the disease. Combining expert fly-fishing instruction with directed “courageous conversations”, the organization provides men with all forms of cancer a unique opportunity to share their stories, learn a new skill, form lasting friendships and gain renewed hope as they confront the challenges of cancer."


Primarily a US organization with retreat sites nationwide, Reel Recovery also has retreats in
Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Since the Grassland Fly Rods site is sorta geared towards Texas, I'll mention that there are two retreats each year in
Glen Rose, Navasota and Waring.
Please see their website for dates.


Copied/pasted from the Reel Recovery website

I'm a true believer and a donor.
Most of us feel passionate about certain causes, but can't give to all of them in spite of every group's determination to guilt us into giving more.

That being said...

I will donate a rod on your behalf for the price currently stated in "Products, Services and Such" minus $100.
To restate, for $500 you can buy a $600 rod and I'll donate it to Reel Recovery in your name.

Back to John Gierach again...
In his book Dumb Luck and the Kindness of  Strangers, he writes in Chapter 18, "Up in Michigan", about his girlfriend's brother Paul who is dying of cancer and their last several times fishing together.

Grassland Fly Rods says "check it out"

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Payne 100 Taper for Reel Recovery

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