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Split Bamboo Fly Rods
Handcrafted in Denton,Texas
Temporarily Unable to Fill Any Orders
Check Back in June
, 2024


I take rod building very, very seriously, but I don't feel the need to be too serious about myself

So, let's get going

Here You Are

If you're interested in split cane fly rods, chances are you've looked at many other rod maker and rod component sites, YouTube channels, forums and such like because the Google algorithm is not going to toss you this way right off the bat.

That is to say, you've probably already got something on the ball

Since You Are Here


New Build

7' 6" 5 wt Payne 101 Taper



9' 0" 7/8 wt

A butt and mid section - circa 1950 -  that were in bad shape.

Made a new tip section based on Gillum 7662 Taper

Hex Rod Case

This one is made from cypress - it's a softer wood than I realized but fetching nonetheless.

Based on the design in Wayne Cattanach's book.

Hand Bound Fishing Journal


Current  Inventory


In Process

taper based on

Orvis - Wes Jordan

7' 6"  6 weight

taper based on

Paul Young Midge

6' 3"  4 weight

Be the Dog

Always be the Dog

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